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Check this out – 12th October

HBR seems concerned we may be celebritizing entrepreneurship, provides the below chart and even points to the below video from ‘College Humour’. A well known play on the entrepreneur geek at its worst…


marmer celebritizing



I completely missed this over the summer, but Evian have provided customers of their EvianChezVous (EvianAtHome) website and water delivery service with a little wifi connected magnet that with the press of a button allows you to order your weekly ration of water!!! Wow



I will probably add this to my article about where Google+ is going but before I do and on this lovely Friday morning, here is a good list of interesting people to follow on Google+



I hadn’t posted anything from the Diginfo site for ages but just came across two interesting articles.
Nissan’s NSC-2015 drives and parks automatically in a shopping mall car park piloted from an Android smartphone by the owner. When the driver comes back the car detects the driver from his Android Smartphone! It can also detect when a suspicious person is lurking around it.



A new kind of “hands free (visio) telephone headset” that is as you can see in its early stages but is very unusual



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